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New York Musical Theatre Festival
NEW YORK, New York - The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), the largest musical theatre festival in the world, asked me to design and illustrate their 2006 and 2007 promotional materials. The project ranged from outdoor signage and T-shirts to programs, advertisements and posters. Outdoor banners could be seen lining the streets of the Theater District and adorning the interior of Virgin Megastore in Times Square and Port Authority. Every theater involved in the Festival has a custom illustrated program, and posters hang outside every venue.

Pictured Top: 2006 & 2007 outdoor banners which could be seen lining the streets of the Theater District and down 42nd Street and 2006 poster which hung outside every venue.

2006 materials:
Posters hung outside all theaters and at New World Stages
Postcard, Membership Cards and Tickets
Outdoor signage appearing down 42nd Street
Program handed out at every performance in the Festival

2007 materials:
Advertisements in print, and in Times Square
Outdoor signage lining the streets of the Theatre District
Posters hanging in front of every theater in the Festival
Program given to patrons at every show in the Festival
General NYMF/NYC spot illustrations

Spot Illustrations include: Classic NYC deli coffee cup used on program intro page, the Strand bookstore NYMF-ized for the program "Educational Series" page, the "tkts" booth in Times Square re-imagined as a graphic to head the "Tickets" page in the program, the Coca Cola sign in Times Square reworked into the headline graphic for the"Concert Series" page in the program, the cube at Astor Place sprayed for NYMF's "Partner Productions" page in the program, the Cup o' Noodle sign in Times Square NYMFed for the "NYMF at Nite" page in the program, New York hot-dog stand used for the "Sponsors and Donors" section on the website, New Yorknewspaper boxes sprayed with NYMF for the "News" section of the website, the LOVE statue with it's graphic NYMF used for the "Get Involved" section of the website.



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